Posh Worthy Packaging for Poshmark Sales & Shipping!

Here is a roundup of some cost efficient, and time efficient, packaging that will bring your Poshmark shipments to the next level! All of your customers will love the "unboxing" experience that these will provide! None of them will require extra work or take up any extra time. Links to all are below the photos.

Tissue Paper: Make sure you put a clear plastic bag over your item before you wrap it in the tissue paper, to keep any dye from the tissue paper from transferring onto the item.

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POSHBOSS HQ Poshmark Challenge!

Who wants to make some sales?! I have included different levels in the challenge, based on your Poshmark experience. Choose accordingly:

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Now for the challenge...

If you’re on the fence: My challenge to you is to download the app! 

Use my referral code: SYDNEYELLE when you sign up. This is important because to become a certified Poshmark seller, aka Posh Ambassador, you must make a purchase & leave feedback. Using my SYDNEYELLE referral code will give you $5 to use towards that purchase!

After you download the app, browse through it. Get a feel for it. Look at other users closets. Don’t be afraid of Poshmark! The best thing you can do is just start! 

If you already have the app, but haven’t done anything with it: 

My challenge to you is to list 10 items and follow 100 closets. Practice sharing your items and other users items so you can get used to the app and how it works! Share from your feed on your homepage, share from parties, whichever you like!

If you are already using Poshmark & have items listed:

My challenge to you is to utilize Poshmark’s new “Offer to Likers” feature! 

If you are unfamiliar with this new feature, you can watch my video about it here. (Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!)

Now that you know how to use the feature, pick 10 items and send out offers on them. Poshmark has really been pushing this new feature these past few weeks. 

I have noticed activity on my account increases EXPONENTIALLY when I send out offers to my likers! More importantly, my SALES have increased exponentially, as well!


Try to focus on sharing your own closet at least 3 times per day, as well as sharing other Posher's listings at least 200 times a day (this is best done during parties, when users are the most active in the app). 

That is my challenge to you! If you make any posts about it on Instagram, tag me @SydneyEllePosh & use #PoshBossChallenge so we can all use the hashtag to find each others posts! 

Now go make some MONAYYY! 



I get questions every day regarding how to ship Poshmark packages once you have made a sale. Starting an online business to make money on Poshmark requires very minimal start-up costs, and while you can get boxes and mailers from the post office for free, there are a few other things you will need in order to start your Poshmark online business and provide a positive experience for your customers. 

1. PLASTIC BAGS- You need clear, plastic bags to pack your items in so they will be protected from the elements. VERY IMPORTANT! These bags will help to waterproof your items so they do not become damaged in transit. If your item becomes damaged in transit, your customer can file an item not as described (INAD) case against you, and they will win if you have not packed your item properly to protect it. Please, please, please do not be the person who just throws the item in a box or mailer unprotected, as you will be more likely to get low feedback reviews from your customers, because they want an "unboxing" experience!

I prefer these bags, but you can also use these bags if you're okay with taping them shut.

2. TISSUE PAPER- After you put your item in the plastic bag, it is nice to wrap your item in tissue paper, as this gives your package a more personalized feel, and makes it look like you put care and effort into packaging it for your customer. It also allows you to add branding to your packages! 

Make sure you put your item in your clear plastic bag first, then wrap in tissue paper, as dyes & residue from the tissue paper can transfer onto your items in transit if it gets wet.

Add some color to your Posh packages with this paper, or keep it simple with this tissue paper. Make it your own!

3. THANK YOU CARDS- It is crucial to thank your customers for their purchases. These are people who are choosing to spend their hard earned money with you and your Poshmark business. Adding a simple thank you note can make a world of difference in both your customer's experience, and in your feedback! 

I use pre-printed thank you cards that I print at home. I have these available here in my Etsy store. You just save the file to your computer, and they print 8 to a page on normal printer paper, or cardstock, for you to print & cut, as needed! 

4. PACKING TAPE- You need to have packing tape on hand for several reasons. Many of the USPS boxes & mailers need to be reinforced with tape, even the ones that have adhesive, just to make sure they are secure for transit. Some of the boxes do not have adhesive, and have to be taped shut.

It is also helpful to have packing tape for taping your labels to your boxes & mailers if you do not have a label printer. 

This is the best quality tape that I have used. (You will also need a tape gun, or this tape that comes in dispensers.) This tape is also good to keep on hand for smaller items like sealing your clear bags and wrapping tissue paper.

5. PRINTER- You must have access to a printer to print your Poshmark shipping labels. You have to use the label that Poshmark sends directly to your email. You CANNOT take your package to the post office & purchase a label there, so it is essential that you be able to print them yourself.

I recommend a printer like this one that will last through several labels (over 1,000), otherwise you will be spending your profits on ink.

You can also buy a label printer, as Poshmark has recently made an update where you can change the format of your labels to print directly onto the sticky labels.

So those are my must have supplies that have helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my 4 years on Poshmark. Poshmark is a wonderful place to make extra money. If you are new to Poshmark, simply download the app and use my code SYDNEYELLE to receive a $5 credit to use towards a purchase!

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Poshmark 101: Sharing to Increase Poshmark Sales

Hi Friends! 

So sorry I have been MIA lately. I have been working on creating new bangles & finding unique inventory for my Poshmark business, as well as traveling and trying to enjoy summer while it is here. Sometimes you just need to take some time to experience real moments, and enjoy life outside of phones and social media.

Today I am going to continue with my Poshmark 101 series that I started back in March to help you guys increase your Poshmark sales! I would like to talk about a sure-fire strategy to help you get more sales: Sharing.

Sharing is vital to your Poshmark business. You need to be sharing items from your Poshmark closet, as well as items from others’ closets. Sharing is caring, and we all need to support each other.

Sharing From Your Closet: You need to be sharing your own items a few times a day to give them some exposure in your followers’ feeds. Try not to share them all at once. Share a few, then go back later and share some different ones. Maybe 1-2 at a time, because when you share more than that, Poshmark will cluster them all into one block on your followers’ feeds, and they may not be seen at all.

Sharing From Others’ Closets: When you share items from other Poshmark users, to your followers, the proper Posh etiquette is for them to share your items to their followers. This way, you both get some extra promotion for your items, which increases the chances of getting a sale.

Here are some other sharing tips:

-          Share your items to Posh Parties throughout the day! If your schedule allows, make sure you’re taking time and sharing items that fit the theme of the party. These parties are opportune moments to get your closet seen, gain new followers, and make sales.

-          Share items from the Posh Parties. Again, if you have time during the day, try to go through and share 50-100 listings from other users. Most of them will also share your items back, so it’s a win-win!

-          Try to share from the final Posh Party of the day. This is the party that has the most active users, usually over 600,000 listings. I usually try to share the Host Picks and the First Look listings. Make sure you are sharing your own items to the party, as well!

-          Share brands that are similar to items that you carry in your closet. Poshmark lets you filter listings by brand, category, etc… Try sharing from these to find some new PFF’s!

-          This is personal preference, but I find that sharing, and Poshing in general, is much easier from my iPad. I use my phone to check notifications and respond to comments while I’m using my iPad to participate in the Posh Party.

I hope you find these tips useful! As always, follow me & send questions to @SydneyEllePM on Instagram & Twitter! My Poshmark closet is @SydneyElle.

xoxo. Sydney

Modern Wedding Etiquette

Hi Friends! 

Last week, I came across a photo online that I was really surprised to see. The photo was taken at a wedding, from the front of a church, as the bride began to make her grand entrance. However, you could not see the bride, or her father who was escorting her. All you could see were the wedding guests, almost falling into the aisle, blocking her face with their smartphones, trying to take photos.

Has the love of getting the best Instagram photo completely overshadowed the concept of basic etiquette at a wedding? I don't think so. But it wouldn't hurt to address it. 

Here are some things to remember, next time you attend a loved one's big day:

Photos: This could go one of two ways- 
    • 1. The couple has paid quite a bit of money to hire a professional photographer to document the ceremony. In that case, please keep your phone put away, and let the photographer(s) do their job. It is an insult to any professional photographers/videographers if you are taking photos. It is also not very aesthetically pleasing to look at wedding photos and see nothing but phones in the air. 
    • 2. The couple has not hired a professional photographer, and would like the guests to take photos. In this case, there will probably be signage indicating that they would like you to do so. If there is no signage, assume to keep your cameras and phones out of sight, at least until the reception.
    • Type: Make sure you follow the dress code. This will be noted on the invitation. There is nothing worse to be under-dressed for a formal evening, or vice-versa.
    • Colors: Do not wear white. Do not wear anything that is even close to white. Do not wear a print dress that has white in it. Do not wear blush. Just don't do it. Also, try not to wear the colors that the wedding party is wearing. You really don't want to match the bridesmaids, if you are not in the wedding.
    • Modesty: Please keep modesty in mind when attending the wedding. I like to say, if Princess Kate wouldn't wear it, I probably shouldn't either.
    • This is extremely important! Someone is spending quite a bit on food, especially if it is a sit-down dinner. They need to know exactly how many are attending, so that they can prepare to have enough food, without having to spend extra to feed people who are not coming. They also need to know how many chairs & tables to have, so that everyone has a seat.
    • Remember to sit where you are asked to sit. Not everyone can sit near the bride, or with the wedding party. Please do not throw a fit at the reception if your seat is not beside the bride (true story). 
    • This goes along with the photos section, but if a bride and groom have a wedding hashtag posted, utilize it! It's always fun to see photos from the reception. This way, they can go back and look at all of them when the day is over, and before the professional ones get returned from the photographer.
The dress I'm wearing above, from Mil & Pat Boutique, would be excellent to wear to a semi-formal or beach wedding! I love the bright green color. I have accessorized it with a blue lace agate bangle from my Sydney Elle collection, which is currently sold out, but there are still several great ones to choose from! (View all available bangles here)

Thanks to Mil & Pat Boutiue for Sponsoring this Post!

Hi friends! 

This Hawaiian print romper from Mil & Pat Boutique is one of my favorite pieces for summer! I love the bright colors and the tassels that are on the lace-up detail in the front! Also, the sleeves make it perfect to wear to the beach, where it can get colder at night from the sea-breeze. It is very flattering, comfortable, and the cinched waist is the perfect detail to give it a more tailored fit.

I love rompers because they are a complete outfit, all in one, but great for occasions where you don't necessarily want to wear a dress or pants. Graduation & Shower seasons are here, and this would be absolutely perfect for those types of events! 

I paired this romper with a simple straw clutch and my signature elephant bangle from my handcrafted Sydney Elle jewelry collection! This elephant bangle is the perfect accessory, and goes with anything, any time of year!

Just For You Guys! If you use the code SYDNEYELLE20 at checkout on the Mil & Pat website, you will get 20% off of the romper and any of my Sydney Elle bangles!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Can you believe it is almost summer? I am so excited! 

Thank you to Mil & Pat Boutique for Sponsoring this Post!

Tie Dye Trends & Fishtail Braid

Hi Friends! I love statement pieces. This green tie dye tunic from Nola Rae Boutique is exactly that! 

The combination of both dark and light tones makes it a perfect layering piece for any time of year! I chose to pair it with some black leggings and heels. I am very petite, so I like to balance out a loose, flowy tunic, with a more tapered look on the bottom.

I chose to stick with some neutral toned jewelry. Balance is always the key to accessorizing. I like to pair a more neutral outfit with bold accessories, or vice versa. Since this top is such a vibrant green, I chose to pair it with my signature handmade elephant bangle, and more delicate aquamarine and coin bangles (part of my Sydney Elle Designs collection for NolaRae Boutique). I really love how these delicate bangles turned out. They will go with anything and are great pieces to have in your wardrobe to wear every day!

I am really excited about this tie dye trend for spring & summer! It is definitely something that you can dress up, for night looks, and down, for more casual looks during the day. This tunic would also look great with a pair of white jeans and some neutral-colored shoes for shopping and running errands!

Many have asked about my braided hairstyle from these photos, so I wanted to post a close-up! I simply braided two front strands into a crown and secured with bobby pins. Then I braided the rest of my hair into a fishtail style braid. Search Pinterest for braided hairstyle tutorials. I always get asked if it takes a long time. It may take you a while at first, but once you get the hang of it, the fishtail braids really won’t take you long at all!

Be sure to check out NolaRaeBoutique.com and follow on Instagram @NolaRaeBoutique for exclusive sales and the latest from my Sydney Elle jewelry collection!

You can also send questions to me on Twitter: @SydneyEllePM and Instagram: @SydneyElleDesigns!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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