Poshmark 101: Getting Started as a Seller on Poshmark

Whether you would like to make some extra money, or start your own online retail boutique, Poshmark is the way to go.

What is Poshmark, you ask? 
Poshmark is a website & app for selling new and gently used women’s clothing and accessories, as well as unused cosmetics. I downloaded the app about 2 years ago, after hearing a report about it on a morning news show. The first thing I listed on the app was a pink sweater with a hedgehog on it that I had just never worn. It sold within hours. It really was that easy!

I am writing this post to help those of you who want to make some extra cash, but may be hesitant about the responsibility of selling online, or maybe you just don’t know how to get started. Poshmark has streamlined this process as much as possible, and you can start selling with minimal costs & supplies! Odds are, you already have a fair share of inventory stored away in your closet.

You only need a few basic necessities to begin selling on Poshmark:
1.   Inventory- Go through your closet & choose things that you haven’t worn in a while. Make sure you check the items that you choose for any stains or signs of wear. Refrain from listing items that have holes in them, permanent stains, or that show significant signs of fading from being washed. The key here is new or gently worn. (I go over each item multiple times checking for any significant flaws.)
2.   Shipping Supplies- USPS has free, yes FREE, boxes that you can pick up at the post office or have shipped to your doorstep. Just make sure you get the boxes that are just regular mailing boxes and NOT the flat rate boxes. You can find packing tape and bubble wrap at the dollar store, as well as other wrapping supplies to make your Posh package pretty!
3.   Printer and Paper- These are necessary to print the shipping labels that Poshmark sends you, once your item has sold. The shipping label will come straight to your email for you to print off!

So you have everything organized. Now what?

1.    Download the app. Use my referral code- BPXAO –to sign up, and you will immediately receive a $10 credit to use toward a purchase. (I will also get a $10 credit from this, then you will have your own code to start earning credits with, so let’s help each other!)
2.    Fill out your Meet the Posher listing, so potential buyers can see who you are!
3.    Take some pictures of your inventory. Try to take them in natural lighting.
4.    Write an accurate description. Make sure to include even the slightest flaws & measurements of the item.
5.   Pick your price, keeping in mind that Poshmark keeps $2.95 if the price is $15 and under, and 20% if the items sells for more than $15.
6.   Try to list at least 5-10 items. The more items in your closet, the better your chances at making a sale!
7.   Network! Start following others and sharing their listings. You can search users by brand and follow those with similar styles! You can also follow the suggested users. Most will follow you back and share your items!

This pretty much sums up the basics of getting started as a seller on Poshmark. Be sure to read the Poshmark user guide & FAQ located in the Poshmark Support Center within the app. 

Aside from this, the best advice I can give to you about starting your Poshmark closet, or anything, really, is to just start. Sometimes it is just that simple. Often, we tend to procrastinate until something is "ready" or "perfect", when, in reality, it may never be perfect, and we may never be 100% ready. A lot of my business has been figured out through trial & error, and I am constantly tweaking things, but I am so glad that I finally chose to create my own progress! 

Feel free to leave questions in the comments! I am happy to help anyone who needs it. Stay tuned for future posts and Poshmark tips! If you would like me to do a post on a certain topic, leave it in the comments section or tweet me @SydneyEllePM! My Poshmark closet user name is @SydneyElle, if you would like to follow along with me on there! 

(Disclaimer: I do not work for Poshmark, nor is this post affiliated with them in anyway. All opinions are my own and are meant only as suggestions.) 

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