Modern Wedding Etiquette

Hi Friends! 

Last week, I came across a photo online that I was really surprised to see. The photo was taken at a wedding, from the front of a church, as the bride began to make her grand entrance. However, you could not see the bride, or her father who was escorting her. All you could see were the wedding guests, almost falling into the aisle, blocking her face with their smartphones, trying to take photos.

Has the love of getting the best Instagram photo completely overshadowed the concept of basic etiquette at a wedding? I don't think so. But it wouldn't hurt to address it. 

Here are some things to remember, next time you attend a loved one's big day:

Photos: This could go one of two ways- 
    • 1. The couple has paid quite a bit of money to hire a professional photographer to document the ceremony. In that case, please keep your phone put away, and let the photographer(s) do their job. It is an insult to any professional photographers/videographers if you are taking photos. It is also not very aesthetically pleasing to look at wedding photos and see nothing but phones in the air. 
    • 2. The couple has not hired a professional photographer, and would like the guests to take photos. In this case, there will probably be signage indicating that they would like you to do so. If there is no signage, assume to keep your cameras and phones out of sight, at least until the reception.
    • Type: Make sure you follow the dress code. This will be noted on the invitation. There is nothing worse to be under-dressed for a formal evening, or vice-versa.
    • Colors: Do not wear white. Do not wear anything that is even close to white. Do not wear a print dress that has white in it. Do not wear blush. Just don't do it. Also, try not to wear the colors that the wedding party is wearing. You really don't want to match the bridesmaids, if you are not in the wedding.
    • Modesty: Please keep modesty in mind when attending the wedding. I like to say, if Princess Kate wouldn't wear it, I probably shouldn't either.
    • This is extremely important! Someone is spending quite a bit on food, especially if it is a sit-down dinner. They need to know exactly how many are attending, so that they can prepare to have enough food, without having to spend extra to feed people who are not coming. They also need to know how many chairs & tables to have, so that everyone has a seat.
    • Remember to sit where you are asked to sit. Not everyone can sit near the bride, or with the wedding party. Please do not throw a fit at the reception if your seat is not beside the bride (true story). 
    • This goes along with the photos section, but if a bride and groom have a wedding hashtag posted, utilize it! It's always fun to see photos from the reception. This way, they can go back and look at all of them when the day is over, and before the professional ones get returned from the photographer.
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