Poshmark 101: Sharing to Increase Poshmark Sales

Hi Friends! 

So sorry I have been MIA lately. I have been working on creating new bangles & finding unique inventory for my Poshmark business, as well as traveling and trying to enjoy summer while it is here. Sometimes you just need to take some time to experience real moments, and enjoy life outside of phones and social media.

Today I am going to continue with my Poshmark 101 series that I started back in March to help you guys increase your Poshmark sales! I would like to talk about a sure-fire strategy to help you get more sales: Sharing.

Sharing is vital to your Poshmark business. You need to be sharing items from your Poshmark closet, as well as items from others’ closets. Sharing is caring, and we all need to support each other.

Sharing From Your Closet: You need to be sharing your own items a few times a day to give them some exposure in your followers’ feeds. Try not to share them all at once. Share a few, then go back later and share some different ones. Maybe 1-2 at a time, because when you share more than that, Poshmark will cluster them all into one block on your followers’ feeds, and they may not be seen at all.

Sharing From Others’ Closets: When you share items from other Poshmark users, to your followers, the proper Posh etiquette is for them to share your items to their followers. This way, you both get some extra promotion for your items, which increases the chances of getting a sale.

Here are some other sharing tips:

-          Share your items to Posh Parties throughout the day! If your schedule allows, make sure you’re taking time and sharing items that fit the theme of the party. These parties are opportune moments to get your closet seen, gain new followers, and make sales.

-          Share items from the Posh Parties. Again, if you have time during the day, try to go through and share 50-100 listings from other users. Most of them will also share your items back, so it’s a win-win!

-          Try to share from the final Posh Party of the day. This is the party that has the most active users, usually over 600,000 listings. I usually try to share the Host Picks and the First Look listings. Make sure you are sharing your own items to the party, as well!

-          Share brands that are similar to items that you carry in your closet. Poshmark lets you filter listings by brand, category, etc… Try sharing from these to find some new PFF’s!

-          This is personal preference, but I find that sharing, and Poshing in general, is much easier from my iPad. I use my phone to check notifications and respond to comments while I’m using my iPad to participate in the Posh Party.

I hope you find these tips useful! As always, follow me & send questions to @SydneyEllePM on Instagram & Twitter! My Poshmark closet is @SydneyElle.

xoxo. Sydney