I get questions every day regarding how to ship Poshmark packages once you have made a sale. Starting an online business to make money on Poshmark requires very minimal start-up costs, and while you can get boxes and mailers from the post office for free, there are a few other things you will need in order to start your Poshmark online business and provide a positive experience for your customers. 

1. PLASTIC BAGS- You need clear, plastic bags to pack your items in so they will be protected from the elements. VERY IMPORTANT! These bags will help to waterproof your items so they do not become damaged in transit. If your item becomes damaged in transit, your customer can file an item not as described (INAD) case against you, and they will win if you have not packed your item properly to protect it. Please, please, please do not be the person who just throws the item in a box or mailer unprotected, as you will be more likely to get low feedback reviews from your customers, because they want an "unboxing" experience!

I prefer these bags, but you can also use these bags if you're okay with taping them shut.

2. TISSUE PAPER- After you put your item in the plastic bag, it is nice to wrap your item in tissue paper, as this gives your package a more personalized feel, and makes it look like you put care and effort into packaging it for your customer. It also allows you to add branding to your packages! 

Make sure you put your item in your clear plastic bag first, then wrap in tissue paper, as dyes & residue from the tissue paper can transfer onto your items in transit if it gets wet.

Add some color to your Posh packages with this paper, or keep it simple with this tissue paper. Make it your own!

3. THANK YOU CARDS- It is crucial to thank your customers for their purchases. These are people who are choosing to spend their hard earned money with you and your Poshmark business. Adding a simple thank you note can make a world of difference in both your customer's experience, and in your feedback! 

I use pre-printed thank you cards that I print at home. I have these available here in my Etsy store. You just save the file to your computer, and they print 8 to a page on normal printer paper, or cardstock, for you to print & cut, as needed! 

4. PACKING TAPE- You need to have packing tape on hand for several reasons. Many of the USPS boxes & mailers need to be reinforced with tape, even the ones that have adhesive, just to make sure they are secure for transit. Some of the boxes do not have adhesive, and have to be taped shut.

It is also helpful to have packing tape for taping your labels to your boxes & mailers if you do not have a label printer. 

This is the best quality tape that I have used. (You will also need a tape gun, or this tape that comes in dispensers.) This tape is also good to keep on hand for smaller items like sealing your clear bags and wrapping tissue paper.

5. PRINTER- You must have access to a printer to print your Poshmark shipping labels. You have to use the label that Poshmark sends directly to your email. You CANNOT take your package to the post office & purchase a label there, so it is essential that you be able to print them yourself.

I recommend a printer like this one that will last through several labels (over 1,000), otherwise you will be spending your profits on ink.

You can also buy a label printer, as Poshmark has recently made an update where you can change the format of your labels to print directly onto the sticky labels.

So those are my must have supplies that have helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my 4 years on Poshmark. Poshmark is a wonderful place to make extra money. If you are new to Poshmark, simply download the app and use my code SYDNEYELLE to receive a $5 credit to use towards a purchase!

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