POSHBOSS HQ Poshmark Challenge!

Who wants to make some sales?! I have included different levels in the challenge, based on your Poshmark experience. Choose accordingly:

Before you get started, join my Poshmark group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/poshbosshq

Now for the challenge...

If you’re on the fence: My challenge to you is to download the app! 

Use my referral code: SYDNEYELLE when you sign up. This is important because to become a certified Poshmark seller, aka Posh Ambassador, you must make a purchase & leave feedback. Using my SYDNEYELLE referral code will give you $5 to use towards that purchase!

After you download the app, browse through it. Get a feel for it. Look at other users closets. Don’t be afraid of Poshmark! The best thing you can do is just start! 

If you already have the app, but haven’t done anything with it: 

My challenge to you is to list 10 items and follow 100 closets. Practice sharing your items and other users items so you can get used to the app and how it works! Share from your feed on your homepage, share from parties, whichever you like!

If you are already using Poshmark & have items listed:

My challenge to you is to utilize Poshmark’s new “Offer to Likers” feature! 

If you are unfamiliar with this new feature, you can watch my video about it here. (Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!)

Now that you know how to use the feature, pick 10 items and send out offers on them. Poshmark has really been pushing this new feature these past few weeks. 

I have noticed activity on my account increases EXPONENTIALLY when I send out offers to my likers! More importantly, my SALES have increased exponentially, as well!


Try to focus on sharing your own closet at least 3 times per day, as well as sharing other Posher's listings at least 200 times a day (this is best done during parties, when users are the most active in the app). 

That is my challenge to you! If you make any posts about it on Instagram, tag me @SydneyEllePosh & use #PoshBossChallenge so we can all use the hashtag to find each others posts! 

Now go make some MONAYYY! 

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